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Hosting of your E-Commerce-solution or Homepage with Odoo

These days internet presence is obligatory for companies and especially for startups. With our hosting offer for creating a website with odoo and/or Odoo Webshop you get a high-class Odoo CMS-System with inline editing function. Based on the newest technology you can design beautiful websites and webshops which are easy to create and to maintain. With the modular architecture of Odoo you can let your solution grow with your growing requirements!

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CMS - easy & user-friendly

The innovative CMS-System of Odoo allows you to create good looking and significant websites in only a few clicks. The CMS is simple to use and easy to understand. There is no need to have technical knowledge. You can start right away and create your own professional website. With the Inline-Editing, you can change everything on the hompage itself. Adjustements are done real quick and easy by that possibility. There are a number of Building-Blocks available to create beautiful pages.

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Sie sind aber schon Profi? Und suchen nach einem CMS, dass sich frei nach Ihren Wünschen erweitern lässt. Auch hier lässt das Odoo CMS keine Wünsche offen. Auch als Profi können Sie das CMS schnell und einfach nutzen und Code und Styles frei nach Ihren Wünschen gestalten.

Full integration

Verfügbare Module und Funktionen in Odoo wie beispielsweise E-Commerce, call to actions, Jobangebote, Events, Kundereferenzen, Blogs, etc. können direkt in die Homepage eingebunden werden. Herkömmliche E-Commerce- und CMS-Lösungen haben meist keine direkte Anbindung an solche System. Mit Odoo profitieren Sie von einer integrierten Management-Software, um die Übersicht über Ihre Bestellungen, Ihre Bewerber, Ihre Leads, etc. zu erhalten und in nur einem System zu Verarbeiten.Und dass sogar mit einem modernen User Interface.

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Responsive Design

Optimized design for Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop.


Edit content directly in the frontend. What you see is what you get.


Design your website by using Building-Blocks and add them by Drag & Drop

SEO Ready

Integrated tool for keywords to optimize your SEO-results.

Mulit language websites

Translate your website with little effort. Automated suggestions and In-Line-Editing.

Theme & Layout

Installation of themes and configuration of layout in Odoo!

E-Commerce - create webshop with Odoo

Shop fully integrated in your website and business-software

Due to the modular architecture of Odoo you can simply extend your website by just one click E-Commerce Lösung von Odoo is different from everything you know. With just a few clicks, you can create attractive product catalogs and great product pages. All functions are already integrated in your business software. These can be individually adapted to your needs and are easy to use.

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Beautiful Shop - integrated instaed of connected

Benefit of Odoo and an online shop with tax system, flexible price lists, Lagerverwaltung, Reseller-Integration, Support, Events, Dienstleistungen, Varianten und u. v. m. Es sind weder Schnittstellen, noch andere Softwarekomponenten erforderlich! Alles was Sie benötigen, bringt Odoo bereits mit. Kundenverwaltung bzw. vollständiges CRM  !

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Google, multi language & social media

With the integration of Google Analytics you have an overview of all your sales channels. Google Analytics registers Einkäufen  and actions of marketing tools of Odoo like mass mailings, campaigns etc. 

You can easily translate your shop into multi languages. This can be done by using the Inline-Editing functionality. 

You can also integrate your social accounts by configuration to stay in contact with your customers and partners.

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Do you have got any further questions about how you cant take an advantage of the  CMS und E-Commerce of Odoo?

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